NanoTextile luggage Nanotechnology-Attire award at MTEA 2020

Dr. Thomas Ong, CEO of NanoTextile (left) receiving the award from Jonathan Derullo, Singapore Business Review. Pic: NanoTextile

NanoTextile Sdn Bhd, the first company in Malaysia to offer wide span of nanotechnology in textile industry, has bagged the Nanotechnology – Apparel award at the recently concluded Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards (MTEA) 2020, presented by Singapore Business Review. The awards recognised the most outstanding Malaysian companies and startups.


The Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020, held on September 23, honoured enterprises that have remarkably contributed to transforming industries through technology. NanoTextile was recognised for its first all-Malaysian affair—When Fashion Meets Technology. 


This year’s nominations were judged by an elite panel of judges consisting of Justin Ong, partner and FSI financial and regulatory risk leader at Deloitte Asia Pacific; Alvin SH Gan, executive director, partner, head of IT enabled Transformation (ITeT) at KPMG Malaysia; Hari Iyer, executive director, advisory at BDO Kuala Lumpur; Michael Lim Jr., managing director at Crowe Growth Consulting Sdn Bhd; and Jade Leong, partner, advisory at Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn Bhd. 


“Nowadays the fashion industry has become more interesting and advanced. The demand has grown so much throughout the past years where consumers are demanding more than just a fabric. Technology is therefore infused into fashion and that has automatically enhanced the level of the fashion industry in the world. NanoTextile offers the opportunity of both investment and innovation between product creation and market entry. The gaining pace becomes faster because it is driven by consumers’ demand,” NanoTextile said in a press release.


It is a smart movement by NanoTextile to infuse technology element into fashion as it can now be seen as a revolution; various offerings in terms of performance, comfortability, cleanliness, and current needs. “When Fashion Meets Technology” has definitely infused confidence in the consumer, the company said.


With nanotechnology embedment as an added value proposition, many new functionalities are being introduced. For an instance, the company’s collaboration with Poney Garments in 2019 targets a specific audience with the launch of Baby Essential Extra Care collection with antibacterial properties; more protection comes with comfort in nanotechnology enhanced products. 


“Our ultimate aim has always been to give our clients a competitive advantage through value-added products using our textile technologies. The interface itself, fashion meets technology, makes the collaboration even more interesting,” said Dr. Thomas Ong, CEO of NanoTextile, after winning the prestigious award.


Nanotechnology promotes a variety of protection possibilities for the fabric in fashion. Sequel to this successful theme has resulted in new possibilities and functionalities being introduced in other market segments such as the sportswear, women modest clothing and fashion, undergarments and others. The company’s proprietary technologies and processes give resultant effects ranging from UV protection to antimicrobial, odour control, to self-cleaning functionalities. To modernise the clothing industry, NanoTextile also offers a new approach for the processing of fabric materials. The nanotechnology embedded fabrics can be designed in a way to do almost everything; resist liquids, fight off statics, quick-drying and breathe.


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